Just like a plant that needs regular care, websites need maintenance once in a while. Many business owners in the Toronto and Markham areas think that once the website is already up and running, they wouldn’t have to do anything with it.  Well, the truth is there is more to it than you could think of.  Maintaining a website is not easy if you will do it yourself. But here are some easy steps to do website maintenance in Toronto.

·         Regular update

Can you assess when was the last time you updated your website?  It could be a few weeks or months.  Nothing could turn off a reader than seeing outdated posts.  Some customers may think that your restaurant may have closed because they are not seeing any updated posts at all.  If you are too busy to do the content daily, try to do it at least weekly for them to have something to look forward to.

·         Try to do some makeover

Website revamping may not mean changing the whole design.  It could be just changing minor things like menus, pictures, or functionality.  Makeover can also be done to your website if its features aren’t working well like broken links, formatting error, texts error, or it is just done poorly.  This could ultimately ruin your site and even the business’ reputation.  The potential customer will just exit out of your website in no time.

·         Review your content

Your audience is your gateway to success.  That is why the website content should also be maintained.  Read and review if your current content caters to the audience.  Does it sound conversational or have that personal approach to its reader?  If it doesn’t worthwhile to read, it’s time to tweak your content.  Also, once you’ve got the content revamped, take time to proofread it.  A lot of websites have great content yet they show spelling or grammatical errors.  If you have to take a word from a famous person, try to quote it, and acknowledge who popularized it.  Lastly, we all know that the business’ website is there to promote the company itself and convert it to sales.  But, don’t become too exaggerated in your sales talk.

·         Use SEO-friendly keywords in the content

Optimization for search engines is a very important aspect of website maintenance in Markham and in the Toronto area.  It is imperative for websites today to use keywords or Google search terms that are SEO-friendly.  The world of SEO is huge and requires in-depth understanding.  So, before you do your own thing, might as well consult with someone knowledgeable in the field.

·         Integrate social media presence to your website

More often than not, the audience today preferred the use of social media more than any other application.  Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram get a lot of traffic on an everyday basis.  That is why incorporating social media helps your website get more visibility.  A good example is the use of Twitter and blogs.  The two work well together when combined.

·         Add up a community section to your website

Not all websites give their customers or visitors the chance to share their thoughts and opinions over their experiences.  With the aid of commenting systems integrated into the posts, threads, and forums, it can boost powerful and real-time perceptions of your customers.  How do you know if your website does drive traffic?  One key identifier is if the website is traffic-rich with healthy commenting sections.  Also, it’s just not the customers alone but also the owner or website facilitator who also participates in the conversations.

·         Check out what others are doing

You may be following a good SEO route but what if it’s not working well enough.  What if you’ve tried the best practices and yet it doesn’t give the results you wanted.  Maybe, it’s time to check or compare it to your competitors.  Does it sound unappealing?  It can be but it’s a basic truth that most businesses practice.  With the strict competition in the online presence nowadays, being in the top search results becomes difficult.  By checking out the competitor’s website, you can have an idea of whether your current website model is comparable.  Search for the possible functionality they offer and maybe it can be a new feature you can integrate into your website as well.

Website maintenance should never be taken for granted if it’s catered to promote a business.  At times, doing the website maintenance in Toronto all by yourself and without enough knowledge can turn into trouble.  If you are a business owner who has just launched your website a few months ago, better check with eRestaurant Consulting.  A lot of companies now offer overall website maintenance services.  All you’ve got to do is to hire them and rest assured that you’ll get positive results.  If you want to know more about what they can do for your website, get in touch with them immediately