Websites are here to stay.  With the modern age, having one is a requirement we cannot deny especially to business owners.  Even if you have the best-looking products or great service, if the word of mouth doesn’t reach online users, it’s not a good sign of business.   One of the primary obstacles why potential customers exit out or didn’t even bother to visit a website is if it’s poorly done.  If your business seems to experience this dilemma, here are some of the elements that a web design company in Toronto laid out that you should check on.

  • Visual design

What you see is what you get.  That is the usual perception we have as users.  That same principle applies to websites.  If a website has more text rather than graphics, visitors will close it out instantly.  It can be amusing but it takes just 1/10 of a second that a visitor may be impressed or not with what they see on your website.  But anything too much isn’t healthy as well.  Adding a lot can be too overwhelming and typically doesn’t work out.  Use images, scrolling text, and animation sparingly and it may give you the best visual results.

  • Navigation

Modern website design features highly animated navigational elements.  It can be useful but not for everybody.  Steer away from complex navigation designs in the header and footer if it’s not working well for your website.  Keep it simple and accessible to users.  A good navigation tool allows its users to know where they are exactly on the website and freely navigate from one page to another with ease.  While not all still incorporate it, a site map is your best bet if the design still didn’t work out.

  • Color Scheme

Isn’t it neat to see vibrant colors on your website?  Or maybe not?  There is a proper way by which you can decide what color scheme you will integrate into the website.  You may think that this part should be included in visual design but colors are the primary life of any graphics or web design so it needs to be in a different category.  How do you know what works out for your company?  First off, you may need to check your branding.  Your logo has something to tell what color would work out as a whole for your website.  If your business caters to legal matters like a law firm, a deep blue or green works well because it portrays professionalism.  On the other hand, those colors will serve as the primary ones.  You can also add up some more by going through the color palette.

  • Typography

Another part of visual design that deserves a spot here is all about the text on your website.  If your business leans towards the white-collared jobs, it is always safe to choose fonts that tell formality.  Throughout the body of the contents, you may want to go for a font that balances with your primary one.  Apart from the style of font, the size of the text should also matter.  The body can have 16 pixels while the header can be a bit larger than that.  When it comes to text colors, keep them balanced as well.  We all know that a green background with red texts won’t be harmonious.

  • Content

Any website wouldn’t be complete without its contents.  Colors do a lot to the website but the content is its major selling point.  A well-optimized website is easy to read and understand.  Most readers don’t read the whole selection though – they just scan whatever they find helpful.  In place of this, add up headers and make it bold so users can focus on it instantly.  Aside from easily understandable content, be sure to make a personal approach while creating it.  If you have the first sentence done right, there is no reason for the visitor to exit out of the website.

  • Mobile responsiveness

Gone were the days that people only browse through their computers.  Now, more and more choose to go mobile because they can bring it anywhere they want.  In 2016, it is said that the amount of mobile web traffic leaves behind desktop traffic.  That is why it is essential to have your website mobile-friendly.  You wouldn’t have a problem if your website is made through WordPress since it already comes with the mobile version.  The challenge is for those who do customize their websites.  You’ll have to make sure that once a user uses a non-desktop device, the website should still be able to adapt to its screen-size.

These are the primary elements you should look out for in designing your website.  Canada is a big location and if you are in the Markham area and are not able to do the design all by yourself, you can seek help from a web design company in Marham.  One prime company to watch out for is eRestaurant Consulting.  Visit their website to know more of the services they offer.