There has been a lot of content all over the internet.  Some write personal stuff while others make use of content writing to promote a business.  If you are a restaurant owner in Toronto and have already created an effective website, the next step would be to add up its contents.  Well, we can admit it.  We are not all born to be writers.   A business located in the Toronto area may consult with a writer in their area.  But choosing one should not be taken for granted. Here are some of the top factors to consider before hiring a web content writer in Toronto.

1. Assess the skill level

Gauging the level of writing a writer has can be done through samples they may have done in the past.  The key points while you are reading the sample are grammar, spelling, flow, and readability.  Some great tools to check with are Hemingway and Read-able.  Unlike other applications, the latter two give an evaluation of grammar as well as readability.  Aside from that, be sure to check if his or her work captures the attention of the reader.  It can be risky but if you’ve asked for a sample, pretty sure the writer will send out his or her best work.  If it turns out to be not that good for you, don’t force it.

2. Experience

When going through the resume of an applicant, we usually go with their experience level.  How much time have they been a part of this project?  Does their experience match up with what we are needing? To prevent applicants that won’t be able to fulfill your requirements, be sure to prepare a strong description of your job post.  You can also assess their experience by asking for their client referrals.  Lastly, if the applicant doesn’t ask for details such as goals and how you want things to be done, it can be a sign that they aren’t the right fit for the job.

3. Availability

Surely, the web content writer Toronto will take time to work on the content of your website.  But what if they have an ongoing project as well with another client.  Does he or she have ample time to finish it?  Setting whether they are available to do the task firsthand is important.

4. Turnaround time

Another factor is whether the applicant can keep up with the deadlines you will set.  Some prefer the content to be done in as fast as 24 hours because they are in a time crunch to make the website live.  Others may want to have it differently like every other day.  To share with the applicant or writer how you want the deadlines to be, prepare a timeline that outlines the necessary dates you want each content done.

5. Keep an eye for plagiarism

Upon reading through the sample sent, you may also run it to a plagiarism checker.  Even if he or she passed the other factors, plagiarized content will never be a sign of a good writer.  Sites like plagiarism checker and Duplichecker are good ones to use.  If it turns out that they have copied some of their content online, you can let go of that candidate.

6. Know the associate cost per work or the whole project

Aside from style, writers tend to have varied pricing when it comes to their work.  If they are an experienced one who have been in the field of content writing for a long time, their pricing will be a high leap from the amateur ones.  It can be acceptable but as a starting restaurant company, are you able to pay the price?  On the other hand, there are writers who offer lower pricing.  There are two reasons for that.  It is either they are just starting out and without experience or they will just create contents that are copied from different websites.

7. Corrections policy

There will be times that you will have to send the content back to the writer because you want some part of it revised the way you want it to be.  At times, you may also want another route because you’ve seen it differently from other restaurant’s websites.  The first one may incur a minimal cost but when we talk about going a different route, it may mean wiping the first idea and starting over again.  Surely, the writer may charge you more than you could ever imagine.  Try to check out their policies on both so you’ll be well informed of expectations.

Content is very important to any business’s online presence.  A lot of people today tend to go online over traditional yellow pages to search for a company’s contact info.  That is why hiring a web content writer in Markham and in Toronto should be done carefully.  If you don’t want to bother searching, we highly recommend eRestaurant Consulting.  They have the best writers in town and you’ll be guaranteed to see positive results if you hire them.