We all have our fair share of things that need improvement. Just like people, websites do need some caring with the help of development.  There is no such thing as a perfect website online.  Developers are there for a reason and constantly, you may check on them on what could be the failure or not working well aspect of your website.  If you are a business owner and would like to get help from a company that specializes in web development in Toronto, better take a look first of some tips on how improvement should take place.

1. Device a plan.

It may not hurt to have a plan first before doing anything else to your website.  A lot of the failures boil down to unplanned improvement to the website.  The first thing to do is to map out the buyer’s path or journey.  By mapping it, you’ll understand what they normally view and which content they like.  You can also go beyond by interviewing the customers how they choose your service or product over the others.  This way, you can create a strategy for your web development.

2. Remove unwanted or not helping contents.

As the attention span of users is limited, it is critical to have a great and lasting first impression.  If you have animations that complicate the rest of the content, text that is too long to read, or navigation buttons that are not needed, remove them at once.  Another important aspect is the use of ambiguous terms.  Some think that it is appealing to use but if you are in the shoes of the reader, you will find it confusing.

3. Add a call-to-action.

Let’s say you have made that leap wherein a visitor clicked on your landing page, so what do they do next?  A great website has a call-to-action button that signals users of the next step they can do.  Other websites do BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) call-to-action and leave the top or middle ones to oblivion.  If you are unfamiliar with call-to-actions, some of the usual words we use for it are, click here for more information, watch the video, and see pricing.

4. Integrate social media share and follow buttons.

Social media has been pretty helpful for most users today.  Way back then, it could only have posts of personal stuff or pictures of gatherings but now, it has evolved to a channel where businesses can also upload how-to videos and information you would normally find on their websites.  In return, if your website has a high page ranking and is often on the top search results, it can be beneficial to add up social media share and follow buttons.  Using this strategy the visitor won’t need to stop by and search for your business on any social media platform.  They can just merely click on share or follow to do that.

5. Don’t be afraid to make the homepage a little bit longer.

Traditionally, websites tend to be shorter.  The modern age changes that norm and the trend is towards longer landing pages.  We are not exaggerating though but you can make 3-5 sections for it.  What could these parts be?

·         Introduction video

·         Overview of Products/Services

·         Product/Service Features

·         About Us

·         Contact Us

6. Make use of the right pictures or images.

Imagery doesn’t work solely.  It needs textual content to convey its message to readers.  Even if you have the high definition images ready but it’s not in line with the message, it will still be useless.  A good practice when using images is to go with stock images.  A lot of it is available to be downloaded on the internet and it’s royalty-free.  But you should not go with stock images for the entirety of your website.  You may need to go with real photos when it comes to your staff and the office itself.

7. Go with white space but not all the time.

Companies who cater to web development in Markham advise not to be afraid of white space or what they call negative space.  If you are not familiar with the term, it is the areas in the webpage that are empty or lack any visual content in them.

There is a benefit to using white space on your website.  One is to break up the page to increase the readability.  Allowing white space in between makes the content easy to read and understand.  Review your current web pages and check if it lacks white space.

Many businesses today have their websites built for quite some time without even realizing to improve it or update some of their content or features.  Now is the time that you take part in revamping it.  If you can’t do the development of the website alone or you need advice, you may contact a company that is experienced in anything regarding website design like eRestaurant Consulting.  They have knowledgeable and friendly staff to accommodate you along the way. Contact them today!