At first, social media is merely a technology that allows the creation and sharing of an idea, information, and other forms of expression a user wants.  Now, it’s an absolute must for any business.  One of the prime cities in Canada that benefits from it is Toronto.  With social media, communication has been two-way, unlike the traditional one-way marketing.   The real deal here is how do you maximize the use of social media marketing in Toronto to promote your business?  Here’s how.

·         Choose the right social media platform

The most popular social media sites today are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  But, you should not be limited to those three.  There has been a big growth of social platforms almost every day and choosing from one of them is critical to the success of the whole marketing strategy.  Just like in Toronto, social media marketing in Markham can be integrated with this step as well.  But how do you know which of them would matter to your business? The first thing to take into consideration is the business and your customers.  Creating accounts on the social platform that your customers use most of the time will help because they can contact you immediately.  If you don’t have an idea of which site they usually use, you may want to do some research.

·         Keep a calendar of postings you will do

A well-planned social media marketing strategy has something to do with a calendar.  The timeline can include content about promotions, upcoming events, announcements, and blog posts.  Put the respective details in each date and specify what time it will run.  Add up each posting with images, links, hashtags, etc.

To keep the content flowing, you may need to check on how social media sites treat frequent posting.  The social media giant Facebook tends to have low engagement if you post too often.  On the other hand, Twitter doesn’t have that type of effect and you can post as many as you want to.  If you are still unsure, you may want to delve into this topic furthermore.

·         Be social

Now that you have the right profile and a calendar of posting, the next step would be to start engaging.  As social media is meant to be social, you may have direct interactions with the users or audience.  Just remember to keep the reactions or responses promptly.  Aside from keeping it real-time, be sure to have a consistent tone when posting and commenting.  This could signal the customers that your brand is genuine.

·         Don’t overdo your promotions

There is a fine line between regular advertisements and social media marketing.  While regular advertising can be done exaggeratedly, marketing over social media has its rules.  Promotion should be done once in a while.  Some do follow a certain ratio such as a 1 is to 7.  Meaning, one post could contain promotional content while the remaining six are helpful posts.  It may not mean you should completely avoid promoting the business.  Just don’t make it sound too pushy.

·         Invest in paid campaigns

Search engine optimization has been a challenge for most businesses.  A lot of webpages have been indexed and competing with a certain keyword has ever been more difficult.  If the competition is too tough, one option that will help boost visibility is to invest in paid campaigns.  As it’s financed, there will be an instant increase in the number of followers, shares, and engagement.  There’s a big difference in the number and the investment is worthy in a short period of time.

·         Share videos

Nothing works well but interactive content like videos.  It naturally captures the attention of many users and we can’t get out of one video instantly until it ends.  The good thing about this type of content is that you’ll be able to incorporate photos, animations, and also text to convey the message to your audience.  Videos in popular social media platforms don’t usually take a lot of time and are interesting enough to catch the interest of many.

·         Community building

Truly, the number of followers says something about a business.  But, isn’t it nicer to gain those followers whom you know have loyalty and are genuinely interested in your company?  This is because they are the ones who have higher chances of reposting the content and mentioning how good your product is.  These people can then turn into a community.  As a result, they serve as a group of people who help in promoting the content and your business eventually.  Others tap social media influencers to help boost their presence online.

The number of people who actively participate in social media has gone more than the three billion mark.  That is why having effective social media marketing is a must.  If you are on the lookout for a social media marketing agency in Toronto, eRestaurant Consulting is your best choice.  There are still promising marketing strategies that can be done in these social media platforms and you’ll never know, maybe one day, there could be new ways by which its use can be maximized.  Get connected now to know what’s in store for you.