If you have just opened up your restaurant, chances are, you’ll have a difficult time gaining customers.  Even if you’ve got the best food or service to offer, there is no guarantee that it will be successful or if customers would patronize yours over the others.  The challenge became intense even more because of the current pandemic we are experiencing but here’s our savior – local SEO for restaurants.

For those who are aware of what SEO is, it will be easy to understand and differentiate it from Local SEO.  But for the benefit of all, here is a general meaning for both.  Search engine optimization is a way by which the quality of traffic to a website through search engines is improved.  Popular search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  When you tag the term with “Local”, it literally means the same thing.  Since the focus is on a local place or town, people will be able to easily track your website.

Now, the same principle applies if someone is searching for a restaurant.  If you have an optimized website, here are the benefits it can give to your business.

1. It gives the restaurant an online presence

As we are confined in our homes, many businesses strive to still reach customers through their visibility on the World Wide Web.  With the mere use of local SEO for restaurants, any potential customer or even those who are repeat customers can check out the establishment online.

2. Cost effective way to market the establishment

When we hear the term marketing, we always associate it with a lot of expensive strategically-based processes that only a few can afford it.  That was the thinking we have years ago but now, it has been practiced by a lot of business owners including restaurants.  Some forms are undeniably costly but with the aid of restaurant seo services, marketing online has been easier and cost-effective.  You won’t have to invest a lot in printed stuff like flyers or billboards when SEO got you covered.  Remember, people are still limited to go outside that is why online visibility is of utmost importance.

3. Increases customer engagement

With the help of online social media platforms, people don’t need to have a face-to-face conversation.  Thus, limiting the possible spread of the virus.  A lot of us can share our customer experiences and give online reviews specifically to restaurants we have been to.  Some even went further by recommending the restaurant to their friends and family.  If this domino effect keeps on, it will likely increase engagement from customers.

4. Builds the restaurant’s reputation over the Internet

We’ve all been there.  Trusting a specific brand or company has never been easy for many.  We rely mostly on recommendations but seo for restaurants has been a tremendous help for those in the field for years and those who are just starting out.  How?  Let’s say one user would like to know which restaurants offer the best seafood in town.  Google (or any search engine) he or she uses will instantly show a lot of search results in no time.  It is known that when your website is on the top search results or first page, you’ve already got a good reputation.

5. Creates a specific branding your business offers

Branding sets any business apart from its competitors.  A noticeable or easy to understand branding may mean more possibilities of gaining customer’s attention.  The primary distinction of a brand is the logo used.  Aside from that, branding can mean the restaurant’s name, menu design, food, colors, or theme used, as well as a social media presence.  Popular restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Taco Bell have been in the industry for a long time and anyone can just type in their name in the search bar and it will show up on all associated web pages without ease.  Try to be specific when creating branding because it will affect the search results.

6. Results in higher conversion rate

The bottom line of all the traffic your website will get is, will it help your restaurant get sales? Even though your restaurant offers the best food, ambiance, or grandest website, if it doesn’t convert to sales, it can’t be tagged effective at all.  The best practice is to use keywords that will invite traffic to your website.  It will not just boost the website’s ranking, it will also help in attracting sales.

Now that you’ve learned why restaurant local seo is important, it is your time to make that move to optimize your website.  These are just some of the benefits your company can enjoy.  You’ll never know your competitor might be doing their optimization steps ahead of time and you are already losing customers.  A lost customer is already a lost revenue in the first place.  Grab that chance.  Take your action by hiring one of the best in the Toronto and Markham area.  Visit eRestaurant Consulting to know more of their services.