Content writing for restaurants has long been a necessity in the modern age.  With the onset of the pandemic, a lot of restaurant companies failed to continue operating.  It is either because they don’t have an online presence at all or theirs weren’t successful in targeting their prospective clients.  While it is sad to know that our current situation deprived most restaurant chains to prosper, there is still hope for those who keep on surviving.  Here are some of the best ways to highlight your restaurant digitally.

1. Produce informative videos

It has always been more fun to watch videos than read a page full of text.  Agree?  A lot of you would nod because visual presentation entices our eyes and mind at the same time.  Thus, it plays an efficient way of how restaurants can promote their new menu or the customer’s all-time favorite.  The photos of food can attract customers who haven’t visited your restaurant to give it a  try.  Aside from photos, the video can include how chefs prepare a certain dish or previous events wherein the restaurant showcases their line of foods.

2. Carry out contests

The days are over when only generation Z and Y dominate social media.  Now, even our mothers and grandmothers are enjoying the perks of having an account in any of the social media giants.  That is why it is essential for restaurants to take advantage of promoting their establishments.  One of the ways is by running a contest.  This would allow everyone to participate and know what’s in store for them.  Basically, the contest may include instructions on how to join and the prizes they can get.  Some of the participants can be your loyal customers while some just heard your company through someone or via the contest you are running.

3. Create “How to” articles

Who wouldn’t love an article that gives you step by step instructions for a one-of-a-kind recipe?  Even those who didn’t know how to cook or prepare a meal would be enticed if they see one.  It is one of the easiest yet most helpful ways to do content writing for restaurants.  As a restaurant establishment, people see you as a leader or authority in the niche, and with the procedural content, they can feel that their prepared dish can be as tempting as what your restaurant offers.  On top of that, if they loved what they saw, they will surely be looking for more in the future.

4. Publish a web-based menu and create a downloadable pdf copy.

Surely photos can be alluring but in the end, customers will need to know the cost of what they are looking at.  Some think that you can only live with one but why not do two at the same time.  While other restaurants only offer a web-based menu, some take it to the next level by adding an easy to download a pdf version of their menu.  In this way, customers have the chance to pick whichever best works for them.

5. Share upcoming events

Before the pandemic, everyone can join any event.  Now, it has changed and been limited.  A lot of events turned to virtual gatherings wherein no physical contact is done.  For others, the event can be attended to by a few persons with social distancing in mind.  Although it’s never the same, the good thing is that one can still join your restaurant’s event.  Be creative.  Try to include freebies or special offers to them.

6. Add an employee/customer corner

Just like any other restaurant, it can never be successful without the people behind it (aside from the owner).  The primary driving people for any business is its employees and customers.  That is why it is vital to create contents that speak of what it’s like to be an employee inside your restaurant.  You may do a Q&A and highlight the best things you do for your employees.  It doesn’t just reflect how you are as an employer but also gives the fulfillment for employees that they are important to the company itself.  As a result, this could lead to a domino effect where the employee can share it with their family and friends.

It goes the same way by adding up a customer zone.  With the number of customers, surely you will have a hard time choosing one.  But one way to make it easy is by looking into your loyal ones.  Try to decipher who among them have continuously supported your restaurant.  You’ll never go wrong with featuring them because a lot of people would love to be featured aside from the freebies they can get.

The turn of events this year has truly been unexpected.  Thanks to the digital world and companies like eRestaurant Consulting, content writing for restaurants can still be implemented.  It’s also not just simple implementation but they have been in the field that is why you will be rest assured that it will eventually yield results.  Interested?  Contacting them is as easy as visiting